Whiteman's Web Works' Wonderful Wizard of BlogsThe Wonderful Wizard Of Blogs is, of course, a play on a rather famous movie title.  In the movie, a young girl is transported to another dimension, one she’d often dreamed about but was unaware of it’s reality;  A parallel universe, as it were.

For a writer, our lives are filled with stories, both of fantasy (fiction) and reality (non-fiction), including a wide array of variables.  Often there is a struggle to find an outlet for these stories;  Not all of us are blessed with the good fortune of a book deal nor are we able to crank out stories for the local news.  Still, the voice inside us is not easily stilled, and that is where ‘Blogging’ comes in.

In times prior to this electronic age, the outlet for our kind of information came at the end of a number two pencil on a notepad, or for those better equipped, with the keystroke of a typewriter or a word processor.  Our collections remained mostly to ourselves.  That is, until the dawn of the internet, aka the World-Wide-Web.

Now, our stories have a vehicle in which to travel beyond our local circles and out to the world.  There are sites that have made these kind of stories their own proprietary information, but here at the Wonderful Wizard Of Blogs, our aim is more towards an artist’s own expression and freedom to say what they need to be said.

Tom Whiteman, Wonderful Wizard Of Blogs and Whitemans Web Works Webmaster As host of this site, I will write my own stories and post such.  But beyond the homepage are the workings of many other artists and writers, each finding their voice and sharing their knowledge, thoughts and experiences with the world in their own way.

My prayer is that whichever ones you follow, that you support and encourage them by the convictions of your heart!

If there is a way I can help you-  with Copywriting, Voiceovers, or Web Hosting, feel free to write me at GMRhost@gmail.com.

Happy, blessed trails!

Tom W.